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About Us

Fresh Organic

Freshly Founded in 2020

At Fresh Organic we believe in providing a good selection of premium food products at their very freshest and finest. We believe the benefits of eating seasonal, local, fresh and organic directly contribute to your health and well-being.

Fresh Organic was born to provide products of this calibre this side of the frontier that were previously so difficult to find. The business was founded from a desire that the people of Gibraltar should have access to the best ingredients available in the region.

We offer you high-end organic, seasonal and artisanal products for your everyday culinary needs. Every Wednesday we deliver to your homes a bespoke basket containing your choice of fruit, vegetables, bread, eggs and other regional delicacies.

Refreshingly Fresh… and Organic

Most of our produce items are harvested within 48 hours of delivery and our bakery products are always freshly baked every Wednesday.

Our farmers, bakers, pasta factory and mills are certified organic by CAAE – the Andalusian Committee for Organic Agriculture. Our products also carry the quality seal Sabor a Malaga (Malaga Flavour).

We have over 200 products that we expand regularly according to your needs and seasonal availability. We are happy to go out of our way to find the product you need.

For the environmentally conscious, you will be pleased to know that as well as being seasonal, over 90% of your products are completely free of plastic packaging and are sourced a mere 100km away.