Ten, not five, fruit and vegetable portions a day makes you live longer, research shows

THE more fruit and vegetables you eat each day the healthier you will be, a research project has proven.

An international study showed that consuming 800g of fruit or vegetables a day could help stave off heart problems and cancer.

The study contrasts with research in the past which recommended eating just 500g of fruit and vegetables for better health. The five-a-day phrase became a selling point for many greengrocers, but this study amplified further their benefits.

The peer-reviewed study was published by the International Journal of Epidemiology and was based on research mainly from the Europe and the USA. The main produce recommended were apples or pears, citrus fruit and juices, berries, green leafy vegetables, carrots and sweet potato.

The research, which examined over two million people, suggested they lessened the risk of catching coronary heart disease, stroke, cardiovascular disease and all cancers. The reductions in risk of contracting these life-threatening illnesses went from 3% for all cancers to 16% for stroke.

“An estimated 5.6 and 7.8 million premature deaths worldwide in 2013 may be attributable to a fruit and vegetable intake below 500 and 800g/day, respectively.” the report concluded.

Why organic?

Additionally, when these fruit and vegetables are organic, separate studies have shown they could have even more health benefits.

“Research has shown that organically grown fruit, vegetables and cereals are nutritionally different,” said a report on healthy eating by the NHS Royal Marsden Cancer Hospital. “On average, they contain higher levels of compounds with antioxidant activity and lower levels of some contaminants such as the heavy metal cadmium.

“Organic produce also contains around four times fewer pesticides, and the best way to reduce your exposure to pesticides in all food is to buy organic.”

Although this might sound like a challenge in our modern world of fast food and ready-made meals, the sooner you start, the faster you will help yourself.

Not convinced yet? Well, the amazing taste and environmental sustainability of organic, seasonal farming are two other factors that could really make a difference. So don’t delay, make your first order first order today!